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Verline Ruffin

When I received your e-mail concerning NR1222 I was very interested because my mother has arthritis. She has tried everything to relieve the pain. After reading the report and testimonials I ordered a supply. I called my mother to inform her that I had ordered a product to relieve the pain of arthritis, of course she was skeptical. A few days later she called to inform me that she received the package. She started using NR1222 and received instant results. She could bend her knee and walk more easily. In fact, she felt 10 years younger. A few days later my aunt came to visit and informed my mother that she was seeing a specialist for her arthritis and he had recommended surgery to relieve her pain. My mother told her about NR1222 and suggested she try some of hers’s. My aunt liked NR1222 and the results that she got. She ordered her a supply and has cancelled her surgery. My mother is happy, my aunt is happy, and I am happy for the both of them. Thanks for making their lives more enjoyable.

Minneapolis, MN

I have neuropathy in both legs. My legs go through a lot of pain and stiffness before and especially after bed. I’ve tried just about all of the pain reliever rubs on the market. Eventually my legs get used to them and they are no longer any use to me. When I saw your advertisement for NR1222 I figured I’d give it a try. To my surprise, it worked better then all those other brands and best of all there was no nasty smell. My wife thanks you for that. I have her rub the NR1222 on my legs before I go to bed to reduce the pain so I can get a good nights sleep. Believe it or not but the stiffness is also gone. I’ve been using NR1222 for months now and it works just as good as it did on day one. I also told my doctor about it and he said he recommends to patients. Thank you for this product. It is definitely the best and gives me great relief. Thank you.

Nashville, TN

I am writing in praise of your NR1222. I have been using your product for several months now, and have found it to be all that was advertised and more. As a carpel tunnel syndrome patient, (although the surgery was deemed a ‘success’) I have found no other topical analgesic which works better than NR1222 for the ongoing pain in my hands and wrists. As an added bonus, NR1222 has had a beneficial affect on my dry, super-sensitive skin, unlike most rubs which tend to irritate my skin and leave a waxy residue. Once again, let me commend you on a superior product and one ‘in tune’ with nature. Thank you.

Jacksonville, FL

I am 64 years old & have always been very active in sports. After having surgery 3 times on my left knee, I developed Arthritis. I kept playing tennis & bowling but my knee just killed me & I got very little relief from various drugs, ace bandages, etc. Now, before playing, I massage my knee with NR1222 & I can bowl 3 games or play 2-3 sets of tennis with no pain. I then massage it again after showering & I can’t tell I ever played. I can honestly say that I have never used a product that actually worked better than advertised until I used NR1222. I tell all my athletic friends, with various ailments, about your product. Keep up the good work & thank you.

New York, NY

I’m a 66 year old artist and live in a third floor condominium with no elevator. When I developed pain in my hand and both hips it scared me to death. I could see myself in a care home, unable to walk or do my art. My Doctor told me it was degenerative arthritis and suggested Ibuprofen, but it upset my stomach. Then I discovered Natural Relief 1222. After using it for only one week I noticed an improvement. Now I am almost pain free in my hand and I can climb those three flights of stairs without a hitch. I’m so happy that I discovered NR1222. It also absorbs fast and has no greasy residue. Thank you!

Pine Grove, PA

Before I started to use NR1222, I was in constant pain. My left leg ached from my hip to my ankle, and I had to practically drag it up steps, one step at a time. At night I had constant lower back pain which caused me to toss and turn all night trying to find a comfortable position. Since using the NR1222 cream, my leg has improved so much that I sometimes climb the stairs and feel no pain. My sleepless nights, due to back pain are over. I can truthfully say that NR1222 has improved my life greatly. I am again able to take my Granddaughter for walks, and do many things with her that I could not do before. I am going to recommend this cream to my mother who has arthritis in her hands and shoulders. I have already recommended it to a very good friend of mine who has rheumatoid arthritis and she has also had great relief from her pain is able to walk after using it. Thank you for improving my life.

Tampa, FL

I ordered NR1222 for my mother, hoping it would help. Somedays her arthritis is so bad she can barely walk. She said that it would ease the stiffness so that getting up and walking didn’t hurt nearly as much as it did without using NR1222. She is so pleased with how much it relieves her pain she wants to make sure she doesn’t run out! I really hate to see my mother in pain and am thrilled that you developed this wonderful product that really works! Heartfelt Thanks.

Seattle, WA

I purchased NR1222 for my 3 1/2 year old daughter who has JRA in her right knee, ankle and wrist. She presently is taking too many pills. At first I was very skeptical but my daughter now requests NR1222 whenever she’s having her stiff mornings and I’m gratified that at least there is something out there I can rub on her joints that helps relieve her pain. Thanks Natural Relief!

Irene Kazak, Vista CA
Vista, CA

I just had xrays taken of my 65 year old pain ridden knees, and received the news…I needed joint replacement. That same evening, my husband forwarded me the site for your pain relief cream and I eagerly ordered it. Within one week of applying my first bit of NR1222, I was astonished! I had much less pain, and was able to reduce the number of daily pain pills needed to half the number. I could walk with less pain, limp less, and play golf without the agony I had endured prior to NR1222. I have experienced no side effects, and a little bit seems to go a very long way. I am so convinced of its benefits that I have given the information to several friends who suffer from arthritis as well…….and I have just placed my second order. I definitely do not want to run out of this “miracle” pain relief cream………ever ! ! ! ! Thank you NR1222!

Dee Carabetta
Rochester, NY

My husband was diagnosed has having a form of Arthritis. He was taking between 6 and 8 Tylenol a day. I was concerned, so I bought him NR1222. He put it on as directed, and, after a week he was feeling much less pain. After 2 months he stopped taking Tylenol completely. I have recommended this product to other Arthritis sufferers. I hope they try it. It Works! Thank-you!

Kalamazoo, MI

NR1222 has proven to be a real blessing for me, since I do not tolerate oral medications. I have had arthritis for several years, and NSAIDs were prescribed but the drugs caused stomach problems and internal bleeding A few months ago, I started using NR1222 and find that it keeps me free of pain and allows me the mobility I have not had from other products. I would recommend NR1222 to anyone, because it does the job for which it is intended…..without side effects.