Forget Drugstore Pain Relievers

Try the New Kid on the Block


NR1222 Pain Relief Lotion 2oz

Most drugstore pain creams are counter-Irritants that try to mask pain with hot/cold sensations. This method is over 100 years old. If you’ve got chronic joint or muscle pain, you must try Natural Relief 1222. It’s tough on pain but gentle on skin. Our secret: botanical active ingredients in a patented base of natural oils. It’s completely different from cheap drug store products and it’s guaranteed to relieve pain and stiffness fast or your money back. It’s so effective it’s used by professional athletes. Yet it’s so gentle and soothing, it feels like a spa treatment. Is it the best pain reliever every created? You decide. Order Natural Relief 1222 today Risk Free. Your joints and muscles will thank you.

Why Heat It When You Can Treat It with NR1222

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