Natural Relief 1222

The First & Only Patented All-Natural Pain Reliever

Praised by Doctors for Over 25 Years!

NR1222 Pump and Tube

  The Premium Natural Pain Cream

  Developed for Chronic Pain & Stiffness

  Safe for Everyday Use

  Improves Mobility & Range of Motion

  Superior to Ordinary Arthritis Cream

  NR1222 is Pain Cream Reinvented

  Trusted and Recommended by Professionals

  Finally Relief without Dependency on Pills

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NR1222 is a Pain Relief Breakthrough for Chronic Joint, Muscle, Knee, Back, Shoulder, Hand and Foot Pain Due to Arthritis, Repetitive Motion or Injury


Joint & muscle problems like arthritis can lead to chronic pain, stiffness and reduced mobility.


This can lead to the over use of pain pills and the risk of side effects.


Just read the warning labels on pain pill bottles.


Side effects can also impact your health & wellbeing.

This Doesn’t Have to Happen

You can maintain your mobility and independence

with Natural Relief 1222.

The pain relief breakthrough developed for chronic pain sufferers like you.

Ordinary Pain Medications Fall Short

Drugstore pain creams just mask pain with hot/cold sensations.

  Cheap, Smelly, Greasy, Haven’t changed in 100 years

To get real relief, pain sufferers eventually turn to pain pills.

But the risk of pain pill side effects should concern you.

  Bleeding ulcers

  Kidney and liver damage

  Heart attach or stroke


bleeding ulcer

That’s why we created
Natural Relief 1222


  A true breakthrough for chronic pain

  Relieves pain & stiffness as if it were a pill

  But without side effects or dependencies

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What’s the Secret?

  Incredibly safe & effective botanical active ingredients

  Delivered directly to the source of pain by a patented blend of natural oils

  Plus a mix of topical anti-oxidants that nurture effected areas

Natural Ingredients

What will NR1222 do for you?


Reduce pain and stiffness as if you were taking pills.


Improve range of motion so you can maintain mobility.


Get you moving and sleeping again as if you were younger.


Help maintain your mobility and independence.

What does NR1222 treat?

How do you use it?

  Rub in a small amount of cream to effected areas twice daily.

  Then also apply whenever your pain flairs up.

  Periods of relief grow with continued use.

  Use as little or as much cream as you desire.

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Use with Peace of Mind

FDA Compliant

All natural ingredients

Safe with NO known side effects

No interactions with other medications

No restrictions on how often you can use NR1222

Based on Science

Developed by Research Pharmacologist Edward Troy

  Patented and proprietary formulation

Clinically shown Safe and Effective

Recommended by Life Extension Foundation

Recommended by Doctors and Chiropractors

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Praised by Professionals

Once again, thanks for helping to ease the pain that the players try to cope with throughout the NFL.  Natural Relief 1222 Sports Rub has proved to be as great as you explained the product would be.  We are looking forward to a long lasting relationship.


Ronnie Barnes, M.S., A.T., C.
Head Athletic Trainer

Professional Football Athletic Trainer’s Society


Results may vary from person to person.

About NR1222

Joe Grace

Natural Relief 1222 is brought to you by Joe Grace, the former Head of Marketing at WebMD and Founder of Joe is dedicated to helping people with chronic conditions find the information and treatments that can improve health and the quality of life without doing harm. Joe and are proud to offer NR1222 as the first line of defense for managing chronic pain without the side effects associated with oral medication.

30-day Money Back Guaranty

If you’re unhappy with NR122 for any reason, simply return it for a 100% refund.

Your satisfaction is our primary concern.

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So Try Natural Relief …

What have you got to lose….except for the pills, side effects, and threats to your independence.

NR1222 Pump and Tube
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